Environmental Safety Solutions focuses on ensuring your facility's compliance with air quality regulations and permit conditions. We offer compliance audits, compliance management programs, engine emission tests, fine and penalty negotiations, permit applications, and compliance reporting.

Compliance Audits

ESS initiates and completes compliance audits in your facility to determine the degree of compliance. When we encounter areas of non-compliance we recommend solutions or assist in resolution if your facility does not have the resources.

Compliance Management Program

Air quality regulations and permit conditions require record keeping and reporting to ensure compliance. To assure that your facility avoids violations and expensive fines, ESS will provide a comprehensive air quality compliance management system that is designed to meet your company's specific situation.

Fine and Penalty Negotiations

If your facility is found in non-compliance and/or violation, ESS can assist your efforts to return to compliance. We will represent your business and present your facility's current air quality data to regulatory agencies to resolve the issues at hand. If necessary, ESS will negotiate fines and penalties on your behalf.


Tracking and reporting your facility's emission data is required to maintain compliance with air quality regulations. We are proficient at preparing routine and non-routine reports for your facility's emission data. ESS also offers a web-based computer application, Paint Pro, that effectively tracks paint emissions.


Preparing, submitting, negotiating, and expediting permit applications is time consuming and often error prone. ESS will evaluate your facility to determine if it requires a permit. We are proficient at permit conditions to ensure your facility is provided with the correct air permit.

ESS is efficient at completing permits from start to finish. We execute the following types of air permits: