Environmental Safety Solutions concentrates on providing expert waste services to assure your facility meets environmental and regulatory compliance. We offer compliance audits, management programs, fine and penalty negotiations, and compliance reporting.

Compliance Audits

From start to finish, ESS performs compliance audits to determine the degree of compliance in your facility. When we encounter sources of non-compliance we make recommendations to reduce future violations or assist in resolution if your facility does not have the resources.

Compliance Management Program

Extensive planning, reporting, and waste management is required to remain in compliance with state, federal, OSHA, and DOT regulations. To assure that your facility avoids violations and expensive fines, ESS provides an all-inclusive compliance program constructed to fit your business' unique situation.

Fine and Penalty Negotiations

ESS can assist your efforts to return to compliance if your facility is found in non-compliance and/or violation. We will represent your business and present your facility's current waste data to regulatory agencies to resolve the issues. If necessary, ESS will negotiate fines and penalties on your behalf.

Waste Management

ESS is qualified to handle all hazardous and non-hazardous waste by providing environmentally safe, adjustable, and cost-effective waste management solutions. Our hazardous waste services include profiling, training, and assisting in waste disposal or recycling options. These services can reduce your long-term liability, aid your business reach environmental footprint goals, and minimize costs.


Waste plans produced by ESS concentrate on guiding facilities in how to manage hazardous incidences and waste. All plans identify technically feasible and practical methods to reduce damages to employees and property in the event of an incident and to minimize the generation of hazardous waste. Additionally, we analyze methods to minimize waste generation and also provide techniques to efficiently streamline waste usage procedures.


Tracking and reporting your facility's hazardous waste data is necessary to maintain compliance with environmental regulations. ESS is efficient at developing annual, routine, and non-routine reports for your facility's hazardous waste data.