Environmental Safety Solutions focuses on supplying quality and practical worker safety services to continuously aid risk reduction and operational efficiency. We offer safety audits, incident and accident investigations, plans, process safety management (PSM), safety meeting administration, safety procedures, and safety professional contracting.


ESS completes safety audits from start to finish to determine the degree of compliance by identifying workplace hazards. When we come across sources of non-compliance we provide recommendations to decrease future violations or assist in resolution if your facility does not have the resources.

Incident and Accident Investigation

If an incident occurs in you facility ESS can assist your investigation and help determine the root cause to prevent reoccurrence. We can provide your facility with methods to track, record, and evaluate injuries to help prevent future incidences.


Safety plans developed by ESS concentrate on guiding facilities in the review of hazards in the workplace and how to protect employees from those hazards. All plans provide practical methods to identify potential hazards associated with your facility's operations.

Process Safety Management (PSM)

ESS's PSM system is effective at increasing safety of operations and productivity to aid your facility's compliance with safety regulations. To insure that your facility avoids violations, ESS will provide a comprehensive PSM system that is tailored to meet your company's unique situation.

Safety Meeting Administration

ESS facilitates safety meetings to provide detailed safety information to your facility's staff. Our safety meetings concentrate on updating your facility's personnel with recent workplace and/or national safety regulations.

Safety Procedures

ESS provides safety procedure guidelines to help companies manage personnel and environmental hazards on a day-to-day basis. All safety procedures produces by ESS are flexible to fit with your facility's specific situation.

Safety Professional Contracting

If your company does not have the resources to hire in-house safety employees, ESS will contract personnel to perform safety procedures within your facility. All safety professionals are fully qualified to execute all safety measures from start to finish.