Paint Pro is a web based application created by Environmental Safety Solutions for facilities that track paint emissions. The tool helps companies maintain compliance with air quality permitting regulations. Paint Pro was developed for personnel that have little to no technical training. Therefore, your employees do not require special skills to access, operate, and manage your facility's emission data. Paint Pro's design allows non-technical personnel to quickly and effortlessly enter data.

Simply input the type and quantity of paint, solvent, and thinner used into the application. Paint Pro will calculate the total emissions and separate them into toxic and non-toxic VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions into a printer friendly format. The application assists in waste minimization and improving paint usage by helping you visualize trends. By entering the amount of waste paint material generated, your company can use Paint Pro to track and manage waste generation in your facility.

Paint Pro's primary features are to effectively track and calculate paint emissions. The application has the flexibility to track abrasive material and diesel by using the same principles and methods used to track paint emissions. Contact ESS to register to use Paint Pro so your business can start receive the benefits of this effective paint emission tracker.

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