In 2005, president and owner, Greg Cates founded Environmental Safety Solutions to provide Gulf Coast businesses with reliable and affordable environmental safety services. Greg Cates leveraged over thirty years of experience in nuclear, chemical, oil, and gas industries to mold ESS into a premier environmental safety company.

Before Greg established Environmental Safety Solutions he worked for numerous facilities as a specialist, supervisor, engineer, manager, and technician for nuclear, chemical, oil, and gas industries. Greg Cates is committed to these fields and remains up to date with the latest news and strategies in environmental safety. Greg has completed multiple courses and continues his education to maintain knowledge and expertise. As a result of his years of dedication, Greg has acquired certifications in NRRPT (National Registry of Radiation Protection Technologists) and CHMM (Certified Hazardous Materials Manager).

Environmental Safety Solutions is the result of Greg Cates' proficiency and achievements in environmental safety. ESS has gained and maintained loyal clients throughout the Gulf Coast. His commitment to the industry and his desire to solve new problems has contributed to ESS' success over the years.